World Stationery Day-Wed Apr 27th, 2022

World Stationery Day

The goal of World Stationery Day is to preserve the art of writing words on a page rather than transmitting electronic versions of letters that can only be seen on a screen.

World Stationery Day
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World Stationery Day was established in 2012 to ensure that the art of writing did not become extinct, as some had predicted. This problem arose as a result of our time’s technical breakthroughs, which rendered writing considerably less viable than other modes of communication.

How to Celebrate World Stationery Day

Send a Card or a Letter
The first item on today’s to-do list is ridiculously simple: write a card or a letter. Sharpen those pencils or take out your favorite pen! The creators of World Stationery wanted to ensure that writing survived despite the abundance of more efficient alternatives accessible, thus everyone should attempt to contribute to that goal!

Make your way to the stationery store.
Because World Stationery Day honors the written word and all things stationery, feel free to stock up on a few different types of stationery and pledge to use it whenever possible. This could include going to the office supply store and purchasing a few different colors of paper and envelopes.

Make A Poem
Stationery is used for a variety of purposes other than letters and cards. Take a gorgeous piece of paper and write a lovely poem on it. It might be a long poem or only a haiku that follows the five-seven-five formula. The topic can be serious or lighthearted. In fact, World Stationery Day might be an excellent opportunity to compose an ode to the importance of stationery.

Send a Greeting Card in the Mail
Are you planning a get-together in the near future? Do you need to thank all of the people who came to your wedding for their lovely gifts? Have you got a close friend who’s been sick for a while and might use a cheerful get-well card? World Stationery Day can be celebrated on any given day, so join in the fun!

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