National Superhero Day-Thu Apr 28th, 2022

National Superhero Day

National Superhero Day exists to remind people all across the world that superheroes can be any form, size, or color, and that being a superhero is more about heartfelt valor than having superpowers.

In 1936, the first fictitious superhero stories were published in a comic strip (Phantom), followed by the introduction of a female counterpart (Fantomah) in 1940, and hundreds of them have since been produced and developed.

National Superhero Day
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History of National Superhero Day

National Superhero Day began in 1995 when staff from Marvel Comics went out into the world to ask children what superpowers they would like to have if they could. Surprisingly, the results revealed that these kids talked more about superheroes in their own lives, and how they often appeared to be ordinary people.

When National Superhero Day arrives, it’s the ideal moment to keep an eye out for these masked superheroes and make sure they’re recognized!

How to Celebrate National Superhero Day

National Superhero Day is a day to recognize and commemorate everyday superheroes. Allow everyone to wear their favorite superhero costume to work or school and explain why they like that particular hero.

Make superhero-themed cupcakes or cookies and use superhero-themed colors and motifs to decorate them. Make superhero masks for your loved ones. Get some Marvel or DC comic books and read them as a family, or better yet, start writing and/or drawing a new comic book together! Any superhero activity may be a lot of fun and serve as a terrific reminder that everyone can be a hero.

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