National cancer awareness day 2022

National cancer awareness day 2022

On November 7, we mark National Cancer Awareness Day, which has as its primary goal raising awareness of cancer. Out of these, 1.1 million instances are registered in the nation each year.

Harsh Vardhan, the Union Health Minister at the time, observed the first National Cancer Awareness Day in September 2014. In addition to this, the date of November 7 was chosen to honor Marie Curie since it falls on her birthday anniversary and because her contributions and way of thinking were crucial in the advancement of radiotherapy as a cancer treatment.

National cancer awareness day
National cancer awareness day

Dr. Harsh Vardhan proclaimed the first National Cancer Awareness Day, which was marked in September 2014. He started the state-level cancer control effort. People were given support on this particular day so they could show up at the government clinics, municipal clinics, and CGHS for a free screening.

Brochures were also given to raise awareness among the general public so that they may avoid developing cancer and receive treatment as soon as possible if they discovered that they had the early signs of the disease.

National Cancer Control Program, which provides people around the country with access to cancer treatment facilities. The lethal disease first appeared in India about 1975, and after a full 10 years, the scheme’s goal was changed to emphasize cancer prevention.

Cervical cancer kills at least one woman every eight minutes, according to statistics.

One of every two breast cancer patients dies.

Tobacco use has increased mortality in India, which now averages 3500 deaths per day.

In terms of numbers, it is expected that 2.25 million people will have cancer.

National Cancer Awareness Day raises awareness of cancer disorders throughout the nation in an effort to significantly lower the risk of developing the disease. At the same time, it provides individuals with the necessary information on proactive measures they may take to combat the condition. In addition to November 7, February 4 is observed as World Cancer Day to increase awareness of cancer on a global scale.

As a result, free cancer screenings are offered on November 7 at hospitals, Central Government Health Scheme (CGHS) locations, and municipal clinics. On this day, pamphlets and booklets are also distributed to the general public in an effort to educate them about cancer prevention and early cancer detection.

The necessity for early diagnosis of this disease in India derives from the fact that a significant portion of instances includes patients who are diagnosed with it at an advanced stage, decreasing their chances of survival.

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