International Workers Day -1 st May 2022

International Workers Day

Trade unions and labor movements, as well as a slew of other sectors, flourished in the late 1800s. Through the industrial revolution, the expansion of the cottage industry and individual laborers encouraged trade unionists to begin working to preserve the rights of workers. Labor unions sought to protect employees, whether it was through child labor legislation, regulated working hours, or safe working conditions.

International Workers Day
International Workers Day -1 st May 2022 2

May 1st, often known as May Day(International Workers’ Day ), was designated as International Workers’ Day to commemorate the Haymarket Square incident on May 4th, 1886. During a workers’ strike in Chicago, Illinois, in the United States, an anonymous person tossed a bomb at police officers who had gathered for crowd control. The police retaliated by shooting the workers, killing four of them, and wounding many more.

Today, every continent commemorates International Workers’ Day on the first of May. And now it’s time to commemorate this momentous occasion around the globe.

How to Celebrate International Workers Day

Typically, these rallies and marches are held to raise awareness about fair salaries and working conditions.

May Day, also known as International Workers’ Day, is observed on May 1st around the world, including in India. On May Day, public and government offices, schools, and colleges remain closed, as they do in most countries.

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