Easy Ways To Improve Your Site’s Speed

Easy Ways To Improve Your Site’s Speed

 Easy Ways To Improve Your Site’s Speed

Easy Ways To Improve Your Site’s Speed: you don’t have to be discouraged because your website is slow. It isn’t the end of the world, though. You can do it even if you don’t have a single technical bone in your body.

There are many techniques to speed up your site, but we’ll simply go through the most basic ones in this article. Later on, you can always work on the more advanced methods. You need a quick win right now, and these simple tactics will make you feel good about yourself and your company!

Easy Ways To Improve Your Site’s Speed
  1. Select a reputable web server.
    The difference between a fast and a slow website can be determined by the web host. Of course, finding the finest web server is more difficult than it appears – there are thousands of them!
    So, how do you know which is the best? You should read their reviews, as well as their bundles and promises. You should also try out their customer service because you’ll need it in the future.

2. Image optimization
It’s pointless to post a 5MB image if a 500KB version will seem identical. You can reduce the size of your photograph to less than 2000 pixels. You can also reduce the file size of your photograph by a significant amount using image compression!

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3. Do not put your videos on your website.
If unoptimized photos can be as large as 5-10 MB and more, you can imagine how large a 1-2 minute video can be. You’ll have a pressured server if your server has to provide your 100MB video in addition to the rest of your website contents. Instead, you can post your movie to sites like YouTube or Vimeo and then just paste the embedded code into your website.

4. Make use of a content distribution network (CDN)
A CDN will store a copy of your website files across multiple servers. For example, if your main server is in Texas and your site visitors are from all over the world, your site will most likely be slow for international visitors. With a CDN, however, their browsers will be able to download your website files from a much closer location, resulting in speedier download speeds.

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5. Remove any plugins that aren’t necessary from your WordPress site.
With so many to select from, it’s easy to get carried away with plugins. However, if you don’t want your site to load slowly, you need to pick and choose your plugins carefully. Remove unwanted and unnecessary plugins, and your website’s speed may improve!

Negative Effects Of Having A Slow Website For Your Business

Nobody likes to visit a website that is slow. We expect a website to show on our screens instantaneously when we type a website address into our browser or click on a website link. This same moment, not 5 or 10 seconds later. That is how pampered we have grown in the age of the Internet.

Thanks to enormous advancements in Internet technology, we now have access to everything. As a result, when we arrive at a slow-loading website, we just hit the back button and move on to another.

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Fewer clients and customers
Because most visitors won’t have the patience to wait for your site to load, you’ll be left with only those with saintly patience. These are most likely your most devoted consumers or those that have nothing better to do than wait for your website to load.
But what about those who have left your website? What are your plans to reclaim them? You can’t do much about them now, unfortunately. What’s gone is gone. So, you must learn from your mistakes and ensure that future visitors remain on your website.

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Conversion rates are lower.
When fewer people visit your website, your conversion rates will suffer as well. Sure, you can use best practices
to attract visitors to your site to respond to your call to action, but it’s still a numbers game at the end of the day.

Lower Google and other search engine rankings
Page speed is one of Google’s criteria for ranking websites. This means that speedier sites get higher rankings than slow-loading sites. As a business, you want your website to appear in the top three search results on the first page. Because these areas receive the majority of traffic, if your site is buried on the second page or beyond, you won’t get much search engine traffic.

Methods To Optimize Your Images For The Web

Photos should be resized
High-resolution photographs aren’t required for your website. In fact, you should optimize your photographs if they are larger than 2,000 pixels. This is due to the fact that most computer screens only have a 1080p resolution, which translates to 1920×1080 pixels. If your photographs are bigger than that, you’re simply wasting bandwidth.

Use the correct file type.
There are numerous file types for different image types. Some are better suited for the web, while others are better for print. JPG, PNG, and GIF are the three most used image file types for web images.

JPG images are a lossy compressed file format that works well for photographs taken with a camera. PNG is a lossless compression file format that works well with graphics and images that require transparency. GIFs, on the other hand, are another option.

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Make use of an image compressing program.
Image compression will not modify the proportions of your photo, but it will significantly reduce the file size. It works by removing any extraneous metadata and color profiles from your photographs that don’t add to the image’s quality.

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